Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Alopecia or the atrophy of hair production in a follicle is a problem for many. Hair loss affects both men and women; happening at any stage of their lives. There are many factors that can cause excessive hair loss including: dermatological diseases, drug use, hormonal changes, stress and congenital defects.

One of the most effective ways to stimulate hair growth is mesotherapy on the skin of the head with PRP treatment. For individuals who have hair loss due to an inadequate diet, hormonal imbalance, and/or circulatory insufficiencies, PRP treatment is a perfect solution. Platelet Rich Plasma injections have been intended to stimulate hair follicles for regenerative processes.

Have you ever seen multiple hairs grow out of one follicle? If so, that leads to hair thickness. Clinical studies recommend to carry out 3-6 procedures every two or three weeks and a maintenance period every few months to have long-lasting effects. The growth of brand new hair takes about 3-6 months to attain. In comparison to hair transplants, PRP treatment was observed to be significantly more effective in many clinical studies. Platelet-rich plasma is one of the best safest treatments for hair growth due to the limited number of side effects.

Epidermal Growth Factors for Hair Loss:

IGF-1: Strengthen hair by stimulating the hair follicle to produce healthier hair

bFGF: Help hair blood circulation in the scalp and revitalize hair follicle

VEGF: Promotes the formulation of new blood micro vessels to supply nutrients, oxygen & minerals into the hair follicle