PRP is a revolutionary procedure which uses the components of your own blood to regenerate your skin. The ingredients of this innovative method reside within a fraction of your blood, called “Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)”. PRP treatment is enriched with platelets, stem cells and growth factors. Once you have received a platelet-rich plasma injection, the following components will accelerate tissue healing via new collagen formation at the treatment site. The process is relatively painless and quick. PRP has been extensively used for many years in plastic surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, general surgery, sports medicine, hair transplants, skin rejuvenation, cardiac surgery and many different types of implants. Cosmetically, PRP treatment has become popular to numerous celebrities due to its beneficial effects. Orthopedically, the Platelet Rich Plasma helps patients to heal from trauma or surgery

Ten to twenty minutes prior to your treatment, your physician will draw your blood using a standard procedure; causing minimal pain (similar to a blood test). After extracting your blood, the physician will centrifuge the blood separating the blood from the plasma. PRP is injected below the surface of the skin into the therapeutic area – increasing the skins thickness. Visible results will appear after the first treatment.

At Gidda Medical Wellness, we only Use Elite-PRP Tubes which are the only tubes on the market that are MADE IN CANADA. The benefits of using Elite-PRP Tubes are:

  • Health Canada Approved
  • Matrix Gel Technology
  • Simple Operation
  • No contamination by pathogens
  • CE Certificate
  • Cost Effective
  • Promotes local tissue growth and repair
  • Safe made from the patient’s own blood
  • Safe for use under the eyes
  • No disease transmission
  • No rejection
  • Non-toxic.

Anti Aging

Platelet-Rich Plasma injections are used extensively in facial rejuvenation therapies, such as the face lift and PRP combination therapy collectively. PRP technology is now being combined with facial fillers to minimize the detrimental signs of facial aging. A non-surgical procedure, the combination therapy promotes new tissue growth – improving overall skin tone, producing a more youthful facial appearance. Patients benefit from this process as there is no down time and results can last for over a year. The fillers provide instant volume to the therapeutic area and the PRP is injected above the filler to provide an immediate skin regeneration process. Patients will perceive and feel the effects of the treatment within minutes. The combination treatment with platelet-rich plasma and fillers has been clinically proven to have an enhancing effect on skin tone and texture, also prolonging the filler treatment for 3 to 6 months longer than when used alone.

Monthly PRP injections have been shown to have satisfactory effects on the face and neck. Patients who do not want filler treatment can still benefit greatly from platelet-rich plasma therapy. Platelet-rich plasma injections can be injected just under the body of the skin to make a little amount of its own ‘filler’ – making significant textural improvements.

Have you ever heard of a PRP or Vampire Facial? PRP is applied to the skin, making tiny lesions (microneedling); beginning the collagen process and tissue repair from growth factors found in the platelet rich plasma – promoting anti-aging effects due to the growth of thicker skin.

Damaged Skin

Evidence that PRP removes photo damaged skin has been clinically proven multiple times.

Scars and Acne

Does a traumatic surgery for the removal of your scars sound comfortable? PRP does not think so. Scar removal surgeries can cause a lot of mental discomfort, which many medical specialists deal with on a daily basis. Platelet-rich plasma therapy brings significantly better results in these therapeutic areas. There are many clinical studies concluding that there is a positive correlation between using PRP therapy to treat scar reduction or minimization.

Do you or anyone you know have acne scars? Acne usually occurs on the back, face or neck. During this time, inflammatory processes can damage collagen and elastin in these areas, forming permanent scars. According to many clinical trials conducted, the severity of acne scars is correlated with the amount of acne present. As you may know, acne scars are extremely common and difficult to treat. There are many methods one can conduct to treat this condition, but they are usually temporary fixes. PRP is the most effective in this field. The concentration of platelets will accelerate wound healing, stimulate regeneration, rebuild the structure through fibroblasts and keratinocytes proliferation, accelerate hyaluronic acid production, collagen, elastin synthesis through the release of many growth factors.

Do you have stretch marks? Evidence also suggests PRP can be a very simple, but effective solution to reducing the appearance of stretch marks.