Our Physician

Our Physician

Dr. Rajaat Gidda, born and raised in Toronto and knew at a very young age that a career in medicine was her calling. She started this journey by getting her Honors in Bachelor of Science through the Life Sciences program at the University of Toronto. Being very sheltered, it was a difficult decision for her to leave her life in Toronto, but she took a leap of faith and moved thousands of miles away from the comfort of her home and family to begin her career in Medicine at the Windsor University School of Medicine. Not only was this the beginning of her journey towards a meaningful and fulfilling career in medicine, it was the ultimate journey of self-discovery. She learned independence, to be grateful for things we take for granted in first world countries, how to live through natural disasters and the barriers underserved populations face when trying to access primary medical care. Medical school also allowed her to work in various areas throughout the United States including Dearborn, Detroit, Chicago, Shreveport and Hampton. It was this life changing experience that helped her become the person her family and friends have come to know, all while setting an example for female students in her community that doubt their abilities to excel in the academic and scientific world at a graduate level.

Dr. Gidda ultimately matched to the Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Family Medicine Residency program. She was one of six people (coincidentally all female) that was fortunate enough to be accepted to this prestigious university affiliated program. Three grueling years later, she not only completed her residency program and became board certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians, but excelled through her training leaving her mark and making lifelong friends along the way. It was during this time that she ultimately mastered the skills that inspired her confidence in not only seeing patients in the traditional primary care setting, but hospital inpatient and emergency room departments as well.

Living in Norfolk, Virginia while she underwent residency, she took care of a large population of Medicare/Medicaid patients, many of whom had crippling disabilities and ultimately, some of the sickest patients in the United States. As a result of exposure to this very sick population, Dr. Gidda is not only comfortable seeing patients with numerous chronic conditions, she is able to manage them with a level of care and expertise that is second to none. She was also very fortunate to complete her training at 1 of the top 25 hospitals in the United States - Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, the Veterans Affairs hospital in Hampton and the only children’s hospital in Virginia – the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

She has furthered her education and training and has become board certified with a Diplomate in Family Medicine with the American Board of Family Medicine and she holds Certification in Family Medicine with the College of Family Physicians of Canada. She has also gone on to complete her training with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine to be able to provide her patients with non-permanent cosmetic augmentation procedures.

Marriage has led her to further her career in the city where she was born, the 6ix. While she enjoys the odd evening out, she is definitely a homebody. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends and now her newborn. Her hobbies include shopping, make-up and reality television. Dr. Gidda’s second passion in life is interior design so it’s safe to say that HGTV is her favourite channel!